O u r o i l

Our Commitment

A return to the roots

Dibujo de una aceitera de latón

In 53savias we have a firm commitment to the land and to tradition. Our virgin olive oil is obtained exclusively from our olive groves in the Sierra de Segura, Cazorla and Las Villas Natural Park, in the northeast of the province of Jaén. The elaboration process respects both the principles of sustainability as well as the environment; another of the hallmarks of our brand, backed by the Sierra de Segura seal guarantying designation of origin. Exceptional conditions for a unique EVOO.

The keys to a unique flavor

P i c u a l o l i v e

The Queen of all olives.

The name picual comes from its characteristic oval shape that ends in a peak. It is characterized by its great adaptability to ecosystems as complex as that of the Sierra de Segura.

Our EVOO is obtained from this variety, which provides incredible health benefits to our oil as it is a natural source of antioxidants thanks to being rich in polyphenols and vitamin E. It is also highly appreciated nutritionally for its monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) that, when used in lieu of saturated fats, helps reduce cholesterol. At the culinary level, it is an ingredient of great versatility, which helps to highlight the flavors of the products it accompanies.

F i n c a L a s T a l a s

The enclave.

Closely linked to family tradition, Finca Las Talas is a privileged enclave for its rainfed olive groves at more than 700 meters of altitude. The nearby pine forest and vegetation give the extra virgin olive oil of 53savias characteristic herbaceous notes with an intense green fruitiness. The extreme mountain climate also contributes to its unique flavor.

T h e b e s t t e a m

The value of consistent hard work.

The unique taste of 53savias is due in large part to the extraordinary quality of its centuries-old olive trees and the exceptional qualities of the land on which they sit. But none of this would be possible without an essential element: the human factor.

To obtain the best olives, Jesus, the maintenance manager of Las Talas, along with Goyo and Alejandro, makes sure that the land is in optimal condition every day and that the olive trees remain robust and healthy. Together with consultants specialized in agricultural engineering and fertilizers who recommend treatments based on their periodical analyses, they form a unique team that works in perfect coordination towards the same objective: to obtain the best extra virgin olive oil.